ResPECT: Respect in proving elder care and treatment ResPECT: Respect in proving elder care and treatment

PI Anne Killett UEA FMH CoI; Paula Hyde, Manchester Business School; Fiona Poland, UEA RSC; Richard Gray, UEA  NSC
Researcher: Diane Burns, UEA RSC

Whilst many workers are motivated to care for people in a sensitive way, underlying causes of mistreatment of older people, including those with dementia, in residential settings have not yet been thoroughly investigated. Our study of what happens between residents, workers, managers and visitors in care settings examined circumstances which contribute to good care or to mistreatment of older people. The findings improve understanding of the context, causes and impact of abuse, neglect and/or loss of dignity in institutional settings. Older people were involved as researchers and advisers throughout the study.

Funded by the PANICOA programme (Prevention of Abuse and Neglect in the Institutional Care of Older Adults), a joint-funded research initiative between the Department of Health and Comic Relief which is designed to enhance the dignity of older people in institutional settings.

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