Peri-operative Enhanced Recovery hip FracturE Care of paTiEnts with Dementia

C.I: Dr Chris Fox

Co-Investigators: Fiona Poland, Jane Cross, Bridget Penhale,

Researchers: Simon P Hammond, Dr Nigel Lambert, Dr Tamara Backhouse, Mrs Anna Varley

This five-year programme is investigating how better standards of care can be implemented across the NHS.  Despite one quarter of acute NHS hospital beds being occupied by people with dementia (PwD), there is little research on how best to look after these people in hospital.  They are exceptionally vulnerable and at high risk of serious complications.  Inconsistent standards of care, poor physical and mental health management and overuse of sedatives have been highlighted in national reports.  These provide recommendations for improving care, for example people who break their hip have a high risk of delirium, which is linked to delayed recovery and causes distress for patients and their families.  There is good quality evidence that preventing delirium is possible.  However, not enough is known about how modification in hospital care can prevent delirium in PwD.

The programme will develop and pilot evidence based interventions to improve the hospital care of physical and mental health problems in PwD.  The research programme will lead to the creation of an Enhanced Recovery Pathway (ERP) for the care and rehabilitation of people with dementia who break their hip.  The development of implementation principles will be central and include the consideration of patients, families and staff.  Our team of national and international experts from diverse disciplines in the field will use this programme of research to address the Ministerial Advisory Group on Dementia's research priorities.


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