Collaborative care for people with Dementia Collaborative care for people with Dementia


CI: Robinson-Newcastle+ Iliffe UCL
Co-investigator: Dr Fox
Funder: HTA

A pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Collaborative cARE for people with DEMentia in primary care.

Summary / Aim

Primary: To evaluate the feasibility of usual care augmented by collaborative care, compared to usual care, at reducing behavioural and psychological disorders in people with dementia in primary care.

Secondary: To provide a detailed description and analysis of the case management intervention, including a toolkit for its replication should the intervention prove effective.

Type of Study

Pilot study to check feasibility of engaging practices, PCTs and the feasibility and acceptability of the intervention (the training of a practice member to case manage people with dementia) and of the use of the outcome measures.