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UEA based Studies

PERFECTED  Peri-operative Enhanced Recovery hip FracturE Care of paTiEnts with Dementia

An applied Research Programme aiming to improve hospital care for patients with Dementia who break their hip.

C.I: Dr Chris Fox, Co-Investigators: Prof Fiona Poland, Dr Jane Cross, Bridget Penhale, Lee Shepstone, 

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The ABCD Study

The ABCD Study is an observational study to estimate how long-term anticholinergic or sedative medication use affects cognitive decline and dementia. 

PI: Dr George Savva, Co-Investigators: Dr Kathryn Richardson, Dr Chris Fox, Professor Tony Arthur, Dr Nick Steel, Professor Yoon Loke

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ResPECT: Respect in proving elder care and treatment

PI: Anne Killett UEA FMH CoI; Paula Hyde, Manchester Business School; Fiona Poland, UEA HSC; Richard Gray, UEA HSC
Researcher: Diane Burns, UEA HSC

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DRIE (Dehydration Recognition In Elders)

Dehydration in older people is associated with risk of poor health outcomes such as falls, heart disease, confusion, pressure ulcers, poor wound healing, infections, drug toxicity, and poor quality of life. This research aims to improve health and wellbeing of older people in the community.

DRIE is funded by the National Institute of Health Research through a 3-year Career Development fellowship to Lee Hooper (CI).

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Other Studies

An evaluation of Protected Engagement Time on Dementia Care Wards (PET-D)

Chief Investigator: Richard Gray
Co-investigator: Dr Fox
Funder: RFPB

A preliminary comparison of wards for people with dementia using patient engagement time, with other wards delivering standard care alone.

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DESCARTES Arts based workshops for educating the dementia care workforce

The project DESCARTES developed an arts-based workshop as a means of education for the dementia care workforce.  The aim of the workshop is to facilitate emotional learning, to empower care home staff and to encourage person-centred dementia care in line with current government recommendations.  The workshops are interactive, experiential and responsive to the needs of care home staff.

This project was led by Dr Hannah Zeilig with Prof Poland, Dr Chris Fox and John Killick comprising a multi-disciplinary team.

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HTA Atilla

Chief Investigator: Prof Howard IOP/KCL
Co-investigators: Dr Fox and Professor Poland
Funder: HTA

Assistive Technology and Telecare to maintain Independent Living At home for people with dementia: The ATTILA Trial.

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CI: Robinson-Newcastle+ Iliffe UCL
Co-investigator: Dr Fox
Funder: HTA

A pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Collaborative cARE for people with DEMentia in primary care.

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