David is a Senior Research Associate working in combination with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, School of Environmental Sciences, and the School of Computing Sciences on the KAPtEN Science Brief project. The aim of the project is to develop a series of innovative web platforms to allow scientific consensus on given topics to be assessed.

After working in industry around the globe David came to UEA in 2011 to study for an MSc in Advanced Computing Science which was completed with distinction and award of the Peter Stocker Prize. Following this David completed a PhD as a member of the Software Engineering Group within the Machine Learning and Statistics Group at the School of Computing Science.

David's PhD was titled "enhancing legacy software system analysis by combining behavioural and semantic information sources", and was concerned with augmenting traditional reverse engineering output from other sources.

In addition to his research work David also teaches on a number of modules in the school and remains involved in consultancy activities both through and external to UEA as well as in a number of companies including startups.

David's professional website can be found at

All Publications

Cutting, D.


Enhancing legacy software system analysis by combining behavioural and semantic information sources

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Noppen, J., Cutting, D., Ziolkowski, A., Jones, S.


Coordinated Reuse and Deployment for Scientific Software Prototypes with D-UEA-ST


Noppen, J., Ziolkowski, A., Cutting, D., Jones, S.


The D-UEA-ST Platform


Cutting, D., Noppen, J.


An Extensible Benchmark and Tooling for Comparing Reverse Engineering Approaches

UEA Repository


Le Quéré, C., Capstick, S., Corner, A., Cutting, D., Johnson, M., Minns, A., Schroeder, H., Walker-Springett, K., Whitmarsh, L., Wood, R.


Towards a culture of low-carbon research for the 21st Century


Cutting, D.


Evaluation of Long-Held HTTP Polling for PHP/MySQL Architecture


Cutting, D., Noppen, J.


Working With Reverse Engineering Output for Benchmarking and Further Use

(Conference contribution)

Cutting, D., Noppen, J.


Benchmarking Reverse Engineering Tools and Using Tool Output for Further Analysis


Cutting, D.


Free Open-Source Extensible Service Desk (FreeDESK)


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Software Engineering

Programming and Advanced Programming

Systems Analysis and Engineering

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IT Service Management and Service Delivery

Software Interations and Real-World Software Development

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Reverse Engineering and Software Comprehension

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