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Paicu, C., Mohorianu, I., Stocks, M., Xu, P., Coince, A., Billmeier, M., Dalmay, T., Moulton, V., Moxon, S.


miRCat2: Accurate prediction of plant and animal microRNAs from next-generation sequencing datasets,

in Bioinformatics



pp. 2446–2454

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Hall, A. E., Lu, W., Godfrey, J. D., Antonov, A. V., Paicu, C., Moxon, S., Dalmay, T., Wilczynska, A., Muller, P. A. J., Bushell, M.


The cytoskeleton adaptor protein ankyrin-1 is upregulated by p53 following DNA damage and alters cell migration,

in Cell Death & Disease


article no. e2184

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