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Luca, B., Brewer, D. S., Edwards, D. R., Edward, S., Whitaker, H. C., Merson, S., Denis, N., Cooper, R. A., Hazell, S., Warren, A. Y., Eeles, R., Lynch, A. G., Ross-Adams, H., Lamb, A. D., Neal, D. E., Sethia, K., Mills, R. D., Ball, R. Y., Curley, H., Clark, J., Moulton, V., Cooper, C. S.


DESNT: a poor prognosis category of human prostate cancer,

in European Urology Focus

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Cetateanu, A., Luca, B. A., Popescu, A. A., Page, A., Cooper, A., Jones, A.


A novel methodology for identifying environmental exposures using GPS data,

in International Journal of Geographical Information Science



pp. 1944-1960

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