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Video: BSc Computing Science


Francesca Burns

Technical Analyst at Sky | Now TV

Francesca BarnsFrancesca Burns (Foundation Year Applied Computer Science/BSc Computer Science, graduated in 2017)

"Following graduation I joined the Technology Graduate Scheme at Sky. UEA provided me with the range of skills I needed to make the most of the different roles offered on the grad scheme.

I was able to adapt to my different roles and more importantly I could bring lots of useful skills to roles that may not have usually had them. The range of modules during my course equipped me with programming knowledge and other technical skills such as analysis and an understanding of software development methodologies.

Whilst working I’ve found it useful to put in time to learn about your role and department/place of work. This can be done by shadowing others, attending showcases and picking up side projects that will get me involved in the department. This helped me to have a better understanding on how departments work and get to know the people I’m working with.

Currently I’m working as a Technical Analyst in NOWTV. I love coming in everyday and working on projects going out on apps and devices I see being used by people around me. I love working on new innovative ideas and seeing how technology can bring those ideas to life."


Edward Johnson

Since graduating in 2008, Edward Johnson has built on the skills and knowledge he gained on his course to carve out a successful career in eCommerce. Just one of the many graduates that have seen the benefit of studying at UEA.

Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson (
BSc Business Information Systems)

"My degree has significantly helped in my career to date. The course content was relevant to my chosen career, on the IT side I was able to go into project meetings understanding the technical elements of the conversation, on the business side I studied accountancy, business management and other core business principles which have translated directly into my role as a project manager."


Katrina Lowles

During the Summer vacation between her 2nd and 3rd years of study Katrina Lowles worked at HVB designing a floor plan system for the Infrastructure and Facilities department. This work inspired her 3rd year project. Katrina started work at HVB after graduating and is currently working at Unicredit. 


Katrina LowlesKatrina Lowles (BSc Computing Science)

"Being a developer in this environment, I'm always learning from my colleagues and "playing with" new technologies. Every day is solving an existing issue or figuring out the slickest, most extensible solution to a new requirement.  

Before studying computer science at UEA, I hadn't fully grasped the infinite complexity and versatility of the programming world. University teaches you a special way of thinking and gives you the confidence to use what you know to find out what you don't."