Machine Learning and Statistics Postgraduate Students Machine Learning and Statistics Postgraduate Students

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Miss Ghadah Aldehim

Research interests:

Feature selection, filter, wrapper, ensemble, classification


Khaled Alotaibi

Mr. Khaled Alotaibi

Research interests:

Privacy-preserving data mining, data mining and machine learning


Sultan Al Khatib

Mr. Sultan Al Khatib

Research interests:

Requirement engineering and prioritization, Software project management and resource allocation, Software project decomposition, software design, software testing

Aaron Bostrom

Mr. Aaron Bostrom

Research interests:

Time series classification


David  Cutting

Mr. David Cutting

Research interests:

Software engineering and analysis with a focus on traceability recovery and software evolution


Ilyas Bakbergenuly

Mr. Ilyas Bakbergenuly

Research interests:

Statistical methods for univariate and multivariate meta-analysis


Samson Henry Dogo

Mr. Samson Henry Dogo

Research interests:

Statistics, Meta-analysis


Lisanne Gitsels

Lisanne Gitsels

Research interests:

Survival analysis related to medical conditions and life expectancy of humans


Paraskevi Pericleous

Ms. Paraskevi Pericleous

Research interests:

Survival analysis, Longitudinal analysis, Joint modelling for longitudinal and time-to-event data


Awat SaeedMr. Awat Saeed

Research interests:

Statistical models for machine learning and data mining, Active learning models


Joao Da Silva Bettencourt

Mr. Joao Bettencourt-Silva

Research interests:

Health informatics, medical data mining and knowledge discovery, data linkage, retrieval and integration, hospital information systems, process mining