'Discreet event simulation of dynamic entities' is useful for a large variety of applications including 'Traffic modelling', 'Crowds Simulation' and 'Artificial Life'. The operations related with such applications can become computationally expensive. Hence, 'real time distributed computing' is used to increase the processing power and to keep the overall simulation synchronized.

The Problem

The 'middle-ware' used to link and synchronize distributed simulations is usually based on specific purpose military standards such as DIS and HLA, or on very complex low level distributed programming techniques. Therefore, implementing even simple distributed simulations can lead to time consuming sessions of coding and standard verification.

Our Solution

Without ignoring previous HLA and DIS efforts, we intend to include the best of them on a simplified 'Daily life Metaphor'. This encapsulates common distributed simulation elements into 'Object Oriented Stereotypes'. Allowing the maximum reuse of such components and the use of new topologies. We call our solution: 'The Heaven and Earth. Simulation Metaphor'.

Research Team

Cristobal Montes de Oca, Prof. A.M. Day