Past Projects in Medical Image Analysis Past Projects in Medical Image Analysis

Wireless Capsule Endoscopy (WCE)

This research project uses computational colour vision to improve analysis of WCE video (a tedious and time consuming task currently undertaken by clinical experts). In collaboration with gastroenterologists at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital the group developed a tool which cuts the time taken to analyse WCE by more than 50%. Further details and publications.

wireless capsule endoscopy

Image Guided Radiation Therapy Treatment

image guided radiation therapy treatment imageThe high levels of ionising radiation used in radiotherapy treatment are harmful to both malignant and healthy tissue so it must be accurately targeted. Modern treatment planning systems use 3D CT data to prescribe highly conformal dose distributions but these plans can be compromised by intra-fraction patient motion (due to breathing). UEA's work within EU FP6 collaborative project MAESTRO addresses this problem through the development of a range of online motion compensation strategies. Further details and publications.


Retinal Vessel Segmentation

The condition of tissues and vessels in images of the retina (routinely captured as part of an eye test) can give early diagnosis of a number of serious conditions such as glaucoma and diabetes. But the images require expert examination and their interpretation can be time consuming. The segmentation of vessels in retinal images has been the focus of researchers for more than two decades. We use a machine learning framework paradigm, generate filters and our evaluations show the technique outperforms traditional approaches using matched filters. Further details and publications.

Original image, (left image), Ground truth (middle image) and Automatic (texton) segmentation (right image)


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Research Team

Lei Zhang, Dr. Mark Fisher, Dr. Michal Mackiwicz