The Lewin Lab The Lewin Lab

The school's electronics lab is called the Lewin Lab after Professor Douglas Lewin who was a former head of the school.

The lab boasts 18 desktop PCs running Windows 7 64-bit with the standard UEA and CMP software, alongside some more specialist electronics software for use solely in this lab.

The lab has a specialist range of equipment for students to use which include:

  • 18 Lego NXT robots
  • 18 PC workstations
  • 16 ALTERA Programmable Logic development boards.
  • 16 ARM Cortex development boards – shown in the image.
  • 16 electronics development workstations (Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, PSU, Multi-meter, etc.)
  • Spectrum Analyser


Space invaders running on an ARM coretex development board

Work in the Lewin Lab ranges from electronics design, implementation and testing through to the use of Lego NXT robots.