A short course designed to increase your knowledge of multivariate copulas A short course designed to increase your knowledge of multivariate copulas

Multivariate data abound in many applications including insurance, risk management, finance, biology, health and environmental sciences. Copulas are a currently popular way to model multivariate data as they account for the dependence structure and provide a flexible representation of the multivariate distribution.

They allow for flexible dependence modelling, different from assuming simple linear correlation structures and normality, which makes them particularly well suited to many applications in finance, insurance and medicine, among others.

Course objectives

This 2-day short course:

  • Introduces and develops the theoretical aspects of dependence modeling with copulas both for continuous and discrete multivariate data.
  • Presents real-data applications of multivariate copulas describing features of existing copula software.
  • Presents the latest developments both in theory and practice.

Target Audience

The course is intended for actuarial practitioners, risk professionals, consultants and academics.

Course outcomes

After the course, the participants will have a firm knowledge on the theory of copulas and the use of copulas for dependence modelling in finance, actuarial science and medicine. The course is worth 10 CPD hours.

Course Leader

Dr. Aristidis K. Nikoloulopoulos has worked extensively with copula dependence modelling for discrete data with applications in biostatistics and his research has also included work on copula dependence modelling for continuous data with applications in finance, and environmental studies.

His work on copulas has appeared in some of the most prestigious journals in Statistics and he has been invited speaker to numerous international and major conferences, workshops, and seminars all over the world. He has also been invited to give copula courses in other international institutions such as the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Course Programme


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We can also deliver this course at an employer's premises and would be happy to discuss details of this and any customisation.

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