What is it?

Discussions is a message board for CMP students and staff. It is accessible via The Portal.

The board was set up by senior advisor Pierre Chardaire to allow CMP students to report problems, ask for advice or make suggestions. 

Students can post anonymously on the Discussions board. The CMP staff will not see your name if you post anonymously.

Messages will be responded to by Pierre, other advisors and staff, your student rep or other students.

What can I post?

Here are some examples:

"Help! My coursework partners aren't showing up!"

"It would be nice if the Lab PCs had this piece of software..."

"I don't understand C++. Where can I get some extra help?"

How can I use it?

  1. Go to The Portal - (https://portal.uea.ac.uk).
  2. Click on Home.
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  3. Scroll down until you see the My Organisations section and click on CMP Staff Students Liaison 20xx

    *If you can't see 'CMP Staff Students Liaison 20xx', please email Pierre (p.chardaire@uea.ac.uk) and ask for access, Note: This page is only available for members of the School of Computing Sciences (CMP).

  4. On the left-hand menu click on Discussions.

  5. Choose the appropriate forum for your message (you can use the General Forum if you're not sure).
    step-5 300 discussions
  6. Leave your message!
    step 6 discussions

IMPORTANT: If you want to post anonymously, make sure you check the 'Post Message as Anonymous' box!

Discussions Board poster (PDF, 760kb)