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Roshanak ZakizadehRoshanak Zakizadeh – Research Student also P/T Research Engineer, Spectral Edge

Research Interests :

Illuminant Estimation, High Dynamic Range, Colour Science, Psychophysics



Maryam Darrodi

Maryam Mohammadzadeh Darrodi

Research interests:

Colour semiotics, Categorical Judgement Analysis, Computational Methods of Colour Science, Camera Calibration


Perla Tronconso-Rey

Perla Tronconso-Rey

Research interests:

Developing computational tools for combined analysis of transcriptomics and metabolomics data as well as applying statistical methods to analyse genomic data.


David Connah

Dr David Connah

Research Interests:

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Cognitive Science



Stuart LynchStuart Lynch

Research interests:

Computer Vision, Colour Constancy, White Balance, Image Segmentation, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition