Group members and interests Group members and interests

Members of the group maintain an active interest in many different areas of colour research including colour reproduction, colour science, and human colour perception as well as looking at how colour can help to solve traditional computer vision tasks and problems such as image retrieval.

Faculty Members

Graham Finlayson

Prof Graham Finlayson

Research interests:

Computer vision: Perception: Algorithms: physics based vision, image analysis, image retrieval, computational photography; modelling computational aspects of vision, colour science, psychophysics

Michael Mackiewicz

Dr. Michal Mackiewicz

Research interests:

Pattern recognition, colour in medical imaging, sensor spectral calibration, psychophysics




Roberto Montagna

Dr. Roberto Montagna

Research interests:

Path-based computational, image enhancement, colour2grey


Maryam Mohammadzadeh Darrodi

Maryam Mohammadzadeh Darrodi

Research interests:

Colour seminotics, Categorical Judgement Analysis,Computational Mathods of Colour Science, Camera Calibration