Getting started with Mac OS Getting started with Mac OS

Some information for new users of the Mac Lab in CMP

Introduction to Mac OS

Find out how, on

Home directories

mac os finder iconYour U drive is mounted automatically when you log in, and can be accessed via the house icon on the left-hand side in Finder windows.



A Finder window, showing the home directory icon on the left (the highlighted icon with the image of the house and .PC.USER.files label). Also shown is the NTProfile folder, under which your 'Documents' folder can be found.
Mac OS finder window
If you want to access files easily from the Windows machines on campus please put files inside the NTProfile/Documents folder. You can access this higher-level through your U drive if you enable 'Show hidden files' and open the .PC.USER.files folder .

iTunes/App Store

These have not been disabled due to their integration in iOS development, but please refrain from purchase anything from the iTunes/App Store while using these machines as this will use one of your authorizations. This will not follow you between machines and you will lose this authorization if we reinstall the machine, and if you reach your limit you will need to contact Apple to have this reset.

Additional software

If you have any suggestions for additional software for the lab please email and if there is sufficient demand it may be installed.