On Nov., 29, 2013, the School held it's annual Postgrad Day. The day was organized by Dr. Katharina Huber and its purpose was to give the School's PhD-students the opportunity to showcase their PhD-work. The posters were looked after by Dr. Stephen Laycock and abstracts of most of the presented posters may be found in the Abstract booklet (PDF, 996KB) which was compiled by Dr Barry Theobald.

Prof Chris Bishop Microsoft Research CambridgeThis year's Postgraduate Research Day was coupled with a seminar in the School's seminar series. The presentation slides (PDF, 2.64Mb) entitled Embracing Uncertanity: the future of Computing was given by  Prof. Chris Bishop, FREng FRSE Microsoft Research Cambridge.

This year's Postgrad day (PDF, 26KB) also included a prize giving for the best 1st, 2nd, and 3rd+year posters. The winner of the first year poster was Ms C. Paicu, of the second year was Ms Helen (Yogi) and of the 3rd+ was Mr Dominic Howell.

Both the poster sessions and the talk were very well attended with the latter attracting close to 100 people ranging from first year students to professors.