The objective of work in the field is to develop robust algorithms that will permit the use of agents in the automation of procurement processes in both the business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) arenas. The requirement for agent-based and multi-agent systems is driven by the increasing processing capability and interconnectivity of computer systems. Increasing power is coupled with increasing user expectations, users now demand systems that are able to undertake increasingly sophisticated tasks by means of delegation. The undertaking of these tasks by software agents requires the engineering of human characteristics: autonomy (acts and reacts without prompt); pro-active (seeks to achieve goals); social ability (able to coordinate, cooperate and negotiate).


Bagnall, A.J. and Janacek, G.J., Clustering time series from ARMA models with clippedIn proceedings of the 10th International Conference on, Seattle, USA, pp. 49-58, 2004 (Download PDF 172 KB).

Research Team

Dr Tony Bagnall, Mr. Iain Toft