A short course on analysing statistics with SPSS A short course on analysing statistics with SPSS

The object of this two day course is to get you quickly up to speed in using SPSS for a variety of statistical tasks.  By using a number of interesting datasets you will see how easily you can import data from external sources and the powerful analytic techniques that are at your disposal to understand, manipulate and visualise the data.  On top of these fundamentals you will be introduced to shortcuts that will help you save time when processing your own data.

The focus of the course will be practical, and will be about SPSS rather than statistical techniques in general.  However we will look at a number of different statistical techniques and discuss where they might be used, as well as how those techniques would be implemented from within SPSS - and how we might interpret the results.

You will also be taught how to write scripts within SPSS in order to automate regular tasks and unlock the full power of SPSS.  As well as using pre-prepared datasets you will also be encouraged to bring along some of your own data and discuss how it might be imported and processed within the package.

This 2-day short course

  • Introduces the SPSS environment and using practical examples demonstrates how to import, process and output data.
  • Presents real-world applications of the statistical tools within SPSS.
  • Acts an an introduction to scripting languages and how they can be used to control SPSS.

Target audience

The course is intended for statisticians, consultants and academics and those with a need to analyse statistical data.

Course outcomes

After the course, the participants will have a firm knowledge of all aspects of SPSS. The course is worth 15 CPD hours.

Course leader

Dr Piers Fleming is a Lecturer in the School of Psychology. Dr Fleming’s work is focussed upon behaviour and judgments under uncertainty, including studies on risk perception, cooperative and altruistic behaviour. He is a cognitive psychologist, and a Chartered Psychologist (C.Psychol.) of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Dr Fleming is an active researcher with expertise on risk judgements and decision-making and also works in the area of behavioural economics.

Dr Fleming has a BSc (Hons) from the University of Leeds, and an MSc and PhD in Psychology from the University of Lancaster.

Course delivery

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There is a 10% discount for UEA alumni, 30% discount for academics and 50% discount for postgraduate students.

More information

We can also deliver this course at an employer's premises and would be happy to discuss details of this and any customisation.

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