Engagement training opportunities Engagement training opportunities

Forthcoming events:

IMPACT Week - 31st January to Friday 3rd February

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Enterprise – Monday 31st January 10:30 -12pm (Council Chamber)

What are the benefits of enterprise activities for researchers? How do you identify suitable external partners? Is this just for the sciences? How can UEA help me get my ideas to market? How can enterprise be a pathway to impact? How can I include enterprise activities in funding applications?

This session brings together experienced enterprising academics from across HUM, FMH and SCI who will talk about their projects, the successes and challenges they have experienced and how they have been supported by UEA. Jelena Gavrilovic and Damon Bevan (BIO) will present their work on developing a human skin platform for testing different products and treatments including new plant extracts. This system will reduce the number of animals used in product testing and provide access to a better testing regime for innovative industry. Nicola Hancock (HSC) will talk about the work of the ABIRA group designing products to aid the recovery of patients following a stroke, and their work with the Design Council. Philip Langeskov (LDC) will present the work of the UEA Publishing Project which is establishing a publishing house at UEA. The project is run in collaboration with an industry partner, and key industry personnel form a steering panel to provide guidance.

Third sector relationships – Monday 31st January 2-3:30pm (Council Chamber)

Working with third sector personnel can be a highly successful way for academics to help establish non-academic impacts from their research. How do you identify who you can work with? What is the most effective way of communicating with third sector policy makers? What does the third sector want from a relationship with an academic?

Kerry Smith of Plan International UK (Head of Girls Rights and Youth) has held a number of key policy positions within large third sector organisations: Plan International UK, The Red Cross, Amnesty International and Save the Children. Kerry will talk about how academics can build effective relationships with the third sector, and the importance of co-production and two-way communication. Kerry’s talk will be followed by a panel session featuring UEA researchers experienced in working with the third sector to share their experiences. The panel is comprised of Eylem Atakav (AMA), Kate Ferguson (HIS) and Tom Shakespeare (MED).

Societal Impact – Tuesday 31st January 3-4:30pm (Council Chamber)

Brian Horner is the chair of the UEA’s Impact Acceleration Account (ESRC) advisory board, he is the current director of Norfolk Museums and previously CEO of Voluntary Norfolk, Head of Social Policy and Norwich City Council and the Children’s Society. This session will explore the ways in which researchers can create pathways to national impact from local/regional partnering, how to build effective partnerships and what social policy makers want from researchers.

Brian’s talk will be followed by a panel session featuring UEA researchers who are making societal impacts to share their experiences. The panel is comprised of Brian Horner, Deborah Harrison (HSC), Toby James (PPL) and Sheheryar Banuri (ECO).

Public Engagement - Wednesday 1st February 10-1pm (Council Chamber)

Paul Manners, Director of the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement will lead this workshop which will explore the relationship between public engagement and impact: how can you plan engagement activities which are likely to make a difference? How can you design appropriate ways of evaluating their value and impact? This session will include an analysis of REF2014 cases in order to discuss and understand how to report, monitor and record public engagement.

Social Media – Wednesday 1st February 2-4pm (Lawrence Stenhouse Building 01.19)

The way we communicate is changing, and these changes can be seen in the opportunities social media sites offer academics to raise their profiles, publicise their research, build networks and communicate directly with potential research users. This session will provide examples of where social media has been used successfully as a pathway to impact, advice on building networks, and the strengths (and potential pitfalls) of using social media as an academic.

This session is led by Mark Carrigan, author of Social Media for Academics, followed by a panel Q&A featuring UEA academics experienced in a range of Social Media Platforms – Chris Hanretty (PPL), Guy Peryer (HSC) and Joost Noppen (CMP).

Impact Showcase – Friday 3rd February 10:30-12pm (Zicer 2.03)

Struggling with your pathway to impact statement? Wondering what have been successful routes to impact previously? How do researchers connect with target audiences? What tools are effective and which less so?

Researchers from across the UEA will present their experiences of sparking, growing and embedding Impact and the tools and tactics they used along the way. This session will feature pitches by researchers across the Faculties presenting a variety of strategies and methods of communication followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session to enable the sharing of best practice and experiences across Faculties.

Impact EXPO – Friday 3rd February 12-2pm (Council Chamber)

This lunch time expo and buffet provides the rare opportunity to explore the full range of support services, researcher led services and external associations available to support you develop the impact of your research. The services present can help you through the different stages of research impact for example; applications and funding, through to publication and press coverage, engagement and outreach, intellectual property and identifying external partners.

Or see here for further details: https://portal.uea.ac.uk/ren/impact

Introduction to Engagement and Evaluation

A workshop offered to NRP Staff introducing public and community engagement plus methods for evaluating success.

All workshops led by former CUE East director Dr Julie Bounford (HSC/EDU).

Thursday 17 November 2016 - Library, LaRC 2, Floor 02

Tuesday 13 June 2017 - Enterprise Centre, iLab, 1.11

Both sessions 12-2pm

Book your place: rsconnect@uea.ac.uk

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Recent events:

UEA Engagement Half Day - 25th May - The Enterprise Centre Foyer, UEA

Ants, Advocacy, Batons, Bolivia, Campaigns, Caring, Equality, Farming, 

Filmmaking, Gaming,  Poetry and Volcanoes 

UEA's inaugural Engagement Half Day brought together some of UEA’s finest engagement practitioners for a showcasing and network session followed by a panel discussion. 

The afternoon ended with the presentation of this year's UEA Engagement Awards 2015/16.

Follow the image links below to get a flavour of the day:

UEA Engagement Half Day 2016

UEA Engagement Awards 2016


Films and Media links Films and Media links

Films screened as part of UEA's first Engagement Half Day on 25 May 2016

Norwich Day of the Girl - Dr Sarah Godfrey (AMA) and Dr Tori Cann (IIH) - Joint Engagement Award winners 2014


STREVA Project - Nevada del Ruiz - remembering 1985 - Prof Jenni Barclay (ENV) - Engagement Award winner 2014


Participatory Videos - The Forest Is Our Life, Our Home - Nicole Gross-Camp and Iokine Rodriguez (DEV) - Joint Engagement Award winners 2015