Joint Project Award - 2014-15 Joint Project Award - 2014-15

Dr Nicole Gross-Camp and Dr Iokiñe Rodriquez – Research and Senior Research Fellows, DEV

Drs Nicole Gross-Camp and Iokiñe Rodriquez have led a pioneering UEA initiative for the co-production of seven videos together with communities and indigenous organisations from Bolivia and Tanzania. The videos were conceived as part of an ESRC-funded research grant to explore issues of environmental injustice in forest management in the region. The films have provided an important space for the communities to reflect together on issues of environmental injustice, voice their concerns to wider audiences, as well as provided a unique insight for the research team. The videos have further contributed to a MOOC on Environmental Justice that attracted 5000 learners and have inspired a similar project in China.

For more information about Participatory Videos please follow the links below to a blog and a useful briefing paper giving background to Nicole and Iokene's work including outcomes and impact the films have had for both the film makers and, more widely, the communities involved:

Using participatory video as a research tool to capture dimensions of environmental justice

Alternautas Blog: Cameras to the people


The Forest is our life, our home - Released December 2015

A Participatory Video carried out by community members from the village of Todos Santos in Lomerio, Bolivia, about their experiences in community forest management. The video highlights the benefits derived from forest use and also some injustices they have experienced when dealing with the timber market and intermediaries. The video was facilitated by Mirna Inturias from Universidad NUR and CICOL (Central of Indigenous Peoples of Lomerio).

Water is Life - Released July 2015

Water is Life was created by 10 residents of Ruhatwe Village in Kilwa District of Tanzania in September 2014. The video explores issues of environmental justice particularly around water within their community.


Our Forest Rights - Released July 2015

Our Forest Rights was created by 10 residents of Kikole Village in Kilwa District of Tanzania in November 2014. The video explores issues of environmental justice particularly around forest management.


Recent history Recent history


From Bolivia:

Two participatory videos released by Dr Iokiñe Rodriguez and research collaborator Mirna Inturias from Universidad NUR, Bolivia, created in conjunction with CICOL (The Central of Indigenous Communities of Lomerio) as part of the  Bolivian Case Study of the "Conservation Markets and Justice Project" directed by DEV's Dr. Adrian Martin.

Our Forests - Our Development: Edward Delgado - Released June 27th 2015


On the Road to Freedom - Released June 30th 2015

From Tanzania:

Sauti ya Jamii - Voice of the Community - Released 1st September 2014

Maisha ndani ya msitu - Life in the Forest   - Released 1st September 2014