Project Award 2014-15 Project Award 2014-15

Holly Leonard - Central Events Manager

Universities Week June 2014 saw volcanologists at UEA and the University of Oxford on the West Lawn of the Natural History Museum “erupting” a scale model of the Soufriere St Vincent volcano to demonstrate how volcanology can be applied to reduce risk and save lives. UEA Central Events Manager Holly Leonard was involved at all stages from applying for funding and negotiating many and varied health and safety discussions to attending for a week of co-ordinating volunteers, a special effects team, UUK and Museum staff as well as managing external relations with VIP visitors and passers-by. Holly’s professionalism and creative input significantly contributed to the success and impact of the event.

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Holly and the STREVA team brought the volcano to first  Science Festival at Norwich Cathedral in March 2016 which attracted over 10,000 visitors.

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Holly in action at the UEA Open day in August 2015 with the Volcano Bin Bang demonstration:

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