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  Community Screen Forum



The second Community Screen Forum conference was held in 2017. It was another great success with attendees including members of the CSF, community cinema committees, film festivals, through to national organisations including the BFI, Cinema for All and the Independent Cinema Office.

The 2017 programme is below.

Details for the next annual conference will be available in February 2018. 

   Conference Programme

Rural & Community Cinema in the UK:  Audiences, Social Value & Sustainability

Panel 1 – Introducing the Community Screen Forum

This panel will introduce the Community Screen Forum (CSF) – co-host of this event with the University of East Anglia. CSF is a new body formed to represent the interests of organisations that promote, support and enable community screen experiences in under-serviced areas of the UK. 


  • Karina Aveyard, University of East Anglia
  • Robert Livingston, Director, Regional Screen Scotland, Scottish Touring Cinema Group
  • Claire Marshall, Project Manager Carn2Cove
  • Alice Morelli, Village Screen/Creative Arts East

Panel 2 – Sustainability in the Community Screen Sector 

This panel will examine current issues around sustainability and stability in the rural and community screen sector. This will cover a range of issues including discussion of new and improved approaches to sourcing films (distribution) and running screenings; streamlining distribution and operational models; recent shifts in public funding policies; and the need for greater recognition of the social value of community cinema. 


(Chair) Tim Snelson, University of East Anglia 

  • Codie Entwistle, Theatrical Sales Manager, Arrow Films
  • Joe Mills, Cinegi 
  • Kathryn Penny, Cine North
  • Phill Walkley Moviola

Panel 3 – Social Value 

Following on from Panel 2, this session will focus on specific areas of social benefit generated by community screening activity in the UK, and consider the challenges of managing the screen culture requirements of funding bodies in not-for-profit contexts. The panellists will discuss the tangible ways in which their specific initiatives have contributed positively to the well-being of local communities beyond simply the experience of screen culture. 


(Chair) Stephanie Clayton, University of East Anglia 

  • Robert Livingston, Screen Memories Scotland
  • Victoria Lockley, Cine North 
  • Neil Thomson, Reel Lewes 
  • Christoph Warrack, Open Cinema 

Panel 4 – New Approaches to Audiences and Content 

Panelists will discuss a range of recent initiatives that have been successful in engaging new audiences for screen content and public screen experiences in rural and community settings. Several of these have involved innovative use of archival material. 


(Chair) Annabel Grundy, Film Hub North 

  • Anna Blagrove, Cinema City Education 
  • Jemma Buckley, Independent Cinema Office
  • Tim Snelson, University of East Anglia and East Anglia Film Archive 
  • Jane Jarvis, Cambridge Film Trust

Panel 5 – Future Directions

This final session will be an open forum, and will focus on the future trajectories of rural and community cinema. Drawing upon issues raised throughout the day, the panel will bring together a discussion on practical approaches for enhancing the sustainability of the sector.