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The initiative was developed by Karina Aveyard, author of Lure of the Big Screen, in collaboration with colleagues at Creative Arts East and the University of East Anglia.

Lure of the Big Screen (published in 2015) explores contexts of film exhibition and consumption in rural parts of the UK and Australia, where film theatres are often highly valued as spaces around which isolated communities can gather and interact. The book includes a detailed case study of the touring organisation Village Screen (Creative Arts East) who were closely involved with the research.


Reviews for Lure of the Big Screen

[B]old and broad in its confrontation with large-scale and long-term trends in cinema-going, exhibition practice, audience taste and technological development, and intimate and insightful in its engagement with ordinary people’s goals, experiences and impulses for showing and going to see films.

Dr Jonathan Rayner, University of Sheffield, 2015.

[T]his monograph makes an important intervention into the field of contemporary cinema studies by contributing a thoroughly researched and thoughtful work that is inspired by interdisciplinary dialogue which will hopefully itself motivate future cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Julia Bohlmann, Memory Studies, 2017 10:1, p. 101.

This is a book that asks all the right questions about refocusing our attention on cinema as an act of consumption and not just production. Karina Aveyard understands that despite all the talk of global media flows, the cinema still retains an intensely local aspect.

Assistant Prof Mike Walsh, Flinders University


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