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COAS faculty members teach on a large number of undergraduate and masters modules at UEA both specific to the atmosphere, oceans and climate and also more general courses including mathematics and chemistry. These modules include:


  • Physical and chemical processes in the Earth’s system
  • Meteorology I
  • Meteorology II (with fieldcourse)
  • Atmospheric chemistry and global change
  • Ocean circulation
  • Shelf sea dynamics and coastal processes
  • Chemical oceanography
  • Modelling environmental processes
  • Biological oceanography and  marine ecology
  • The carbon cycle and climate change
  • Climate change: Physical science basis
  • Atmospheric composition: measurements and modelling
  • Marine sciences fieldcourse
  • Stable isotope geochemistry
  • Ocean Observing Systems
  • Geoengineering the Climate: Science and Society
  • Dynamic meteorology
  • Dynamic oceanography
  • Earth and Life


In addition to the more general degree courses we have a BSc/MSci in Meteorology and oceanography and a MSc in Climate Change. We are deeply engaged in teaching at the postgraduate level both in taught MSc modules but especially in highly specialise training of PhD student both in informal settings and in more formal courses including participation in international summer schools  such as the SOLAS summer school and the UNIS courses.