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New paper on net community production from Voluntary Observing Ships

Net community production in the North Atlantic Ocean derived from Volunteer Observing Ship data

We present a method for the calculation of net community production (NCP) using volunteer observing ship (VOS) oxygen measurements. The results are compared with estimates of NCP made from measurements of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) that were collected on-board the VOS, and previous studies that have used similar methods within the same Longhurst regions. The comparisons show no significant difference, and demonstrate that spatially over 35 degrees of latitude there is little variation in annual NCP in the North Atlantic. The relatively simple method described in this study is applicable to any VOS route on which surface water dissolved oxygen concentrations can be accurately measured, thus providing estimates of NCP at higher spatial and temporal resolution than currently achieved.

New COAS website!

COAS is launching a new webiste with features including news (this is news), people links and publications lists. It uses the new UEA microsites template.