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Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

Founded in 2000, the Tyndall Centre is a unique partnership of universities that brings together researchers from the social and natural sciences and engineering to develop sustainable responses to climate change. 

With a site here at UEA, the Tyndall Centre carries out cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research, and provides a conduit between scientists and policymakers.



Cefas is an executive agency, sponsored by Defra, combining marine and freshwater science experts, working for healthy and productive oceans, seas and rivers and safe and sustainable seafood. Cefas work to safeguard human and animal health, enable food security and support marine economies. They provide the evidence and advice needed to help the UK meet its commitments to the global environment. 

Anglian Water 

Suppliers of water and wastewater to over six million customers, Anglian Water collaborates with UEA on a variety of projects. We bring industry application and academic rigour together to inform policy, drive new thinking and address major issues regarding the sustainable use of water.

The Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL)

Based at Norwich Research Park, TSL is a world-leading research institute that focuses on the science of plant-microbe interactions. TSL has developed an enviable reputation for the quality of its fundamental scientific research and commitment to delivering science solutions that reduce global crop losses to important diseases

John Innes Centre 

An independent, international centre of excellence in plant science, genetics and microbiology, the John Innes Centre is based at Norwich Research Park. The centre fosters a creative, curiosity-driven approach to fundamental questions in bioscience with a view to translating that into societal benefits. 

Earlham Institute

Research focused, the Earlham Institute explores living systems by applying computational science and biotechnology to answer ambitious biological questions and generate enabling resources. The Earlham Institute is based at Norwich Research Park.

Research Groups/Centres

Climatic Research Unit (CRU)

Pioneers of climate change research, the CRU was created in 1972 to improve scientific understanding of the climate system and its interactions with society.

This leading centre at UEA is renowned across the world for monitoring, understanding and predicting our changing climate. Through developing a widely-used global temperature record, researchers at CRU demonstrated that humans have changed our climate on a global scale.




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