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Blagg, R. J., Simmons, T. R., Hatton, G. R., Courtney, J. M., Bennett, E. L., Lawrence, E. J., Wildgoose, G. G.


Novel B(Ar')2(Ar'') hetero-tri(aryl)boranes: a systematic study of Lewis acidity,

in Dalton Transactions



pp. 6032-6043

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Scott, D. J., Simmons, T. R., Lawrence, E. J., Wildgoose, G. G., Fuchter, M. J., Ashley, A. E.


Facile Protocol for Water-Tolerant “Frustrated Lewis Pair”-Catalyzed Hydrogenation,

in ACS Catalysis



pp. 5540-5544

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Jablonskyte, A., Webster, L. R., Simmons, T. R., Wright, J. A., Pickett, C. J.


Electronic Control of the Protonation Rates of Fe–Fe Bonds,

in Journal of the American Chemical Society



pp. 13038-13044

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