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Heywood, K. J., Biddle, L. C., Boehme, L., Dutrieux, P., Fedak, M., Jenkins, A., Jones, R. W., Kaiser, J., Mallett, H., Garabato, A. C. N., Renfrew, I. A., Stevens, D. P., Webber, B. G. M.


Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: The Role of the Amundsen Sea Continental Shelf in Exchanges Between Ocean and Ice Shelves,

in Oceanography



pp. 118-129

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Ford, J., Cummins, E., Sharma, P., Elders, A., Stewart, F., Johnston, R., Royle, P., Jones, R., Mulatero, C., Todd, R., Mowatt, G.


Systematic review of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, and economic evaluation, of denosumab for the treatment of bone metastases from solid tumours,

in Health Technology Assessment



pp. 1-386

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