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Salmon, M., Thimmappa, R. B., Minto, R. E., Melton, R. E., Hughes, R. K., O'Maille, P. E., Hemmings, A. M., Osbourn, A.


A conserved amino acid residue critical for product and substrate specificity in plant triterpene synthases,

in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)



pp. E4407–E4414

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Giannakopoulou, A., Schornack, S., Bozkurt, T. O., Haart, D., Ro, D. K., Faraldos, J. A., Kamoun, S., O'Maille, P. E.


Variation in capsidiol sensitivity between phytophthora infestans and phytophthora capsici is consistent with their host range,




article no. e0107462

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