Name Job Title
Miss Isabella Acquistapace Research Student
Associate Tutor
Mrs Faeza Alkorbi Research Student
Mr Abdulaziz Almohyawi Research Student
Dr Jose Alonso Gomez Senior Research Associate
Miss Ahad Alsahli Research Student
Associate Tutor
Mr Nawaf Alsenani Research Student
Mrs Sarah Alshehri Research Student
Mr Jack Andrew Research Student
Professor David Andrews Professor of Chemistry
Dr Ross Arthurs Senior Research Associate
Mr Gareth Ashworth Research Student
Associate Tutor
Dr Stephen Ashworth Reader in Chemistry
Professor Peter Belton Emeritus Professor
Miss Sophie Bennett Research Student
Associate Tutor
Dr Sean Bew Senior Lecturer in Chemistry
Dr Tharin Blumenschein Lecturer in Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy
Dr Jennifer Bochmann Teaching Fellow
Professor Manfred Bochmann Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Dr Magnus Borgh Lecturer in Physics
Dr Justin Bradley Research Co-Investigator