William Jakes - MChem Forensic and Investigative Chemistry William Jakes - MChem Forensic and Investigative Chemistry

Why did you choose to study at UEA?

I love the campus, it's a safe, enjoyable easy-going environment. My course is also quite unique so that attracted me to the University, too.

Did you find it easy to settle in?

It was hard initially; it took me around a month to fully settle, mainly because I missed people from home. It was also a big shock to suddenly be looking after myself, but it got easier every day.

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I particularly enjoy practical work such as staged crime-scenes that we have to investigate. The course organizer is really great to work with; he has so much experience in the industry.

Were you offered the chance to study abroad as part of your degree?

I got to study for a semester at Florida International University, Miami. It was brilliant because I had the opportunity to take modules that couldn't be offered by UEA and also do some travelling at the same time.

Did you live on campus in your first year?

I lived in Nelson Court, and the room was spacious and homely. The en-suite was a bonus and the flat developed a family-like atmosphere over the year.

Did you like living in rented accommodation?

I did - it's great to share with friends because you can relax more around them and do everything the way you want. You get more space and more freedom than living on campus.

What advice would you give to new students starting at UEA?

In the first few weeks, everybody is in exactly the same position and situation, so take the initiative and use the opportunity to meet new people. Everyone is friendly in freshers week because they are open to making new friends.

Have you taken part in any extra-curricular activities while you've been at UEA?

I joined the football club and the alchemy society. The football club meet twice a week for training and matches if selected for the team, and the alchemy society is specifically for chemistry students, and they organize social events. Both societies are great ways to make new friends.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to work in the research and development sector, in the energy or perhaps the food industry. I attended the careers fair last year and got advice on CV writing and interview skills, which was really helpful.

How would you describe Norwich?

Norwich has everything you want from a big city without being ‘too big' and without the negative side of a big city. It is great for shopping, events, sports and nightlife. It is a safe city to live in.