Elena Lysandridou - BSc Chemistry Elena Lysandridou - BSc Chemistry

Why did you choose UEA?

Actually, it was my brother's idea! He visited one of our cousins, who was studying Environmental Sciences at UEA and loved it. He sent me pictures of the campus and I was impressed, so visited the university's website and found the course I was interested in and applied. Simple as that!

Was it easy to settle in?

At first it was a bit difficult, having moved from Cyprus, but after the first month it felt like home. The University puts on plenty of events to help you meet other students, which made me feel less homesick. I met lots of people from my country as well and the people from my course.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I really like the lab work, even though it was tiring. The tutors always helped us when needed and answered our questions during tutorial sessions, and all of the lecturers were kind and supported us a lot during the course.

What advice would you give to new students starting at UEA?

During freshers week I attended all of the events that were related to my course, so I could meet as many people as possible. I didn't let homesickness win!

Fill your first week with as many student events as possible so you get used to the place and environment, and meet people from your course - they will help you get started and may answer your questions as well.

Did you join any societies?

I was a member of Hellenic Society, which consisted mostly of people who originated from Greece and Cyprus. The society organized parties every semester so all of us could have fun together. Some of us met once a month and attended the church ceremony at the Greek Orthodox Church, while others organized trips to the Broads and London. Every year we represented Greece/Cyprus at the International Fair at university dancing Greek folk dances and sharing Greek food.

I was also a member of UEA Dance Squad. We represented UEA at the LSU Dance Competition in Loughborough every year and won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places each year. Also, the society organized events with other societies or sport teams around university and/or Norwich. Every year we gave a dance show in cooperation with other dance societies at the LCR.

Did you go to parties and gigs at the LCR or The Waterfront?

LCR parties gave you a great opportunity to have fun with your friends and course mates every week. There's a different theme every time and we dressed up most weeks. ‘Fashion Disaster' was my favourite theme, and I used to enjoy dressing up in mismatched clothes. One year most of the students from my course went in lab coats. We got some very strange looks, it was so much fun!

Did you enjoy living in Norwich?

Norwich is a wonderful city with many beautiful sites to visit. There are lots of parks, and I think it might be one of the greenest cities in the world!

The nightlife is great, too. There are lots of clubs around the city centre and the Riverside area, where you can find whatever you want. During night time you don't have to worry much about your transportation, as the last bus stops at 2:30am and the taxis offer a 24 hour service.