Career development - Academic and Support Staff Career development - Academic and Support Staff

Academic Staff

Chemistry staff work under two schemes: ATS (Academic Teaching and Scholarship) or ATR (Academic Teaching and Research). The paths for promotion on both streams are the same, including movement to Reader and Professor, but recognise their distinctive routes for career development. Employee information can be found in the Human Resources pages.

Junior academic staff have to enrol in the University’s MA in Higher Education Practice (MA-HEP) to ensure their training as new lecturers. This is complemented by courses offered by the University’s Centre for Staff and Educational Development, regarding teaching, research, administrative issues or personal development. Training mentors from the MA-HEP programme and a mentor from Chemistry support junior academics throughout their probation period. Success in securing external research funding is essential for career progression by ATR staff. A list of funding opportunities is maintained by UEA’s Research and Enterprise Office, and emailed to all staff in a weekly bulletin.

All staff are supported in their career development through regular appraisal in accordance with University guidelines.

Details of the processes for, and deadlines relevant to, applications for promotion are circulated to all staff on a regular basis. The criteria for promotion are laid out in a web- and paper-based manual, the Green Book (download, PDF format), available to all staff. Applications for promotions should be prepared on the appropriate University pro-forma following the guidance in the Green Book. A number of women of different levels of seniority have been members of Chemistry’s Promotions Committee since 2009.

Support Staff

Support Staff from the University have access to a network (1-6-linkup) run by secretarial and clerical staff, with administrative support from CSED. The network's purpose is to provide professional development and mutual support to all its members.