Project: Part of the family: experiences of growing up in foster care

Funder: UEA research fund

Dates: 1999-2001

Researcher: Professor Gillian Schofield

This was a qualitative study involving interviews with 40 adults age 18-30 who had spent a significant period- at least three years - in foster care. Most had spent most of their childhood in foster care- some in long-stable placements and others in several /multiple placements.

Findings from this study have supported much of the subsequent work on long-term foster care at UEA, as it demonstrated the potential for adults to continue to gain support from and feel part of their foster families right into adulthood. But it also showed how poor care and moves could leave some young adults struggling –so the need for attachment and resilience based models of permanence and social work practice in long-term foster care was clear.


Schofield G (2002) he significance of a secure base: a psychosocial model of long-term foster care' Child and Family Social Work 7 (4) pp.259-272 ISSN 1356-7500 Abstract

Schofield, G (2003) Part of the Family: Pathways through foster care London: BAAF