Project: Looked After Children partnership project

Funder: Eastern Region and East Midlands ADSS

Date: 2000 – 2003

Research Team: Dr Jonathan Dickens, Professor June Thoburn, Professor Gillian Schofield, and Darren Howells

Using detailed analysis of Department of Education and Science held data on children's placements and moves in 24 local authorities and questionnaires, it was possible to identify two groups of children and young people - those children coming into the system and the long-stay children. Analysis of this latter group showed the varied pathways taken though different placements as agencies worked to achieve permanence.


Schofield G, Thoburn J, Howells D and Dickens J. (2007) ‘The search for stability and permanence: modelling the pathways of long-stay looked after British Journal of Social Work 35,  1468-263  First published 2005 ISSN 1468-263X  (Advanced Access)

2007 (Joint author) Dickens J, Thoburn J, Howells D and Schofield G ‘Children starting to be looked after by local authorities in England: an analysis of inter-authority variation and case-centred decision-making' pp. 1-21 British Journal of Social Work   First published 2005 ISSN 1468-263X  (Advanced Access)