Taking part: your questions answered Taking part: your questions answered

If you are a parent of a child in care and we have contacted you about taking part in our study, here are some answers to questions you may have

What will happen if I agree to take part in the research? One of our researchers will arrange to see you at your home or a place convenient to you.

What sort of things will you ask me about? We want to hear what you think about the way plans are made for children in care. You may have had meetings with an 'Independent Reviewing Officer' or been to review meetings and we would like to hear how you felt about them.

Will you tell anyone what I say? People will read about the things you say to us, but they will not know who said it. We will take out all names and places mentioned. The information you give us will be used by those wanting to improve future services for children. The only time we will tell someone else who you have talked about is if we think someone is at risk from being hurt - and we will always talk to you about this first

Will you be talking to anyone else? We'd like to try to get a full picture of how care planning and review meetings are working. So we will be talking to Independent Reviewing officers and social workers as well. We also will talk to some children and young people

Do I have to take part? It is up to you whether you take part in the research or not. Whatever you decide Children's Services will not change the way they are working with you. It will not affect what happens to you or your children

Can I change my mind about taking part? You can change your mind at any time

Can I talk to you before I decide? Yes, you can phone us, email us, text us, or write to us.

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