Project: Foster carers' perspectives on permanence

Funder: Nuffield Foundation

Date: 2001

Research team: Mary Beek and Professor Gillian Schofield

This project was funded just as the Adoption and Children Act 2002 was going through parliament and it was clear that long-term foster care still needed to find a definition and place as an accepted permanence option. The three foster carer focus groups in this study also discussed the proposal for Special Guardianship as an option for foster carers.

The groups commented on a number of issues - in particular the need for foster carers to have greater delegated authority as ‘parents' and the importance of good social work support- for themselves and the children in their care. There was a general lack of enthusiasm for SGOs, based on concern about the commitment of local authorities to support children through to adulthood- concerns were often about depriving the children of support and resources.


Beek M and Schofield G (2002) Foster carers' perspectives on permanence: a focus group study Adoption and Fostering 26:2 pp14-27 Abstract