Developing interprofessional teamworking to enhance care delivery Developing interprofessional teamworking to enhance care delivery

IPL2 for Pharmacy, Operating Department Practice, Paramedic Science, Midwifery, Medicine, Mental Health Nursing & Adult Nursing students

For the second level of IPL (IPL2) students will be assigned to small, multi-professional groups and will attend two workshops. During Workshop 1, the students will focus on clinically-relevant topics pertaining to interprofessional working. Firstly, service users will present their stories about personal experiences of moving through care, enabling students to witness first-hand how interprofessional practice is perceived by patients. After this, students will begin working in their groups to address a clinially-related topic on which they have to collaborate - either focusing on the enhancement of an individual care pathway, or improving the delivery of a service. Between workshops they will collaborate within their groups to research aspects of care and produce a collaborative case presentation of how the individual care pathway could be enhanced, or how service delivery could be improved.

In Workshop 2, the groups will present their case to their peers, facilitator and service user, who will all have the opportunity to provide feedback to the presenting group.

Peer assessment

Following the group presentations, students will have the oppportunity to assess themselves as a group through a discussion about how they worked together as a team and to reflect on what they have learnt from each other.

After Workshop 2, students will be asked to complete an online survey to anonymously assess the contribution of the other members of their group.

Either before, between or after the workshops, students will shadow a health or social care professional. different to their own profession, in the practice setting and will have an opportunity to reflect on what they have learnt from this experience.

Reflective assignment

After the two workshops, students will write a 1000-word reflective essay on their learning from IPL2 for inclusion in their portfolios.


IPL2 for Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Child Nursing and Learning Disabilities Nursing students

In their second year, students on the programmes above will attend a one-day interprofessional workshop to explore joint working and collaboration between Rehabilitation Sciences, Child Nursing and Learning Disabilities Nursing students. The aim of this workshop is to consider the barriers, benefits and overarching principles of interprofessional working amongst these professions. The workshop will include presentations from professionals and service users, examining drivers for interprofessional working and the need for collaborative practice. Students will work in small, multi-professional groups to discuss their own and others' professional roles, principles of good interprofessional working, and the benefits of effective collaboration.