2016 Working Papers 2016 Working Papers



Title and authors

14-09R Gender differences in the giving and taking variants of the dictator game by Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Joo Young Jeon and Bibhas Saha
16-10R Endowment inequality in public goods games: A re-examination by Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap, Abhijit Ramalingam and Brock V. Stoddard
16-11 Financial contagion in the laboratory: Does network structure matter? by John Duffy, Aikaterini Karadimitropoulou and Melanie Parravano 
16-10 Endowment inequality in public goods games: A re-examination by Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap, Abhijit Ramalingam and Brock V. Stoddard
16-09 Peer sanctioning in isomorphic provision and appropriation social dilemmas by Abhijit Ramalingam, Antonio J. Morales and James M. Walker
15-22R Variation in experimental instructions: Punishment in public goods games by Abhijit Ramalingam, Antonio J. Morales and James M. Walker
16-08 The effects of endogenous enforcement on strategic uncertainty and cartel deterrence by Carsten J. Crede and Liang Lu
16-07 That's the ticket: Explicit lottery randomisation and learning in Tullock contests by Subhashish M. Chowdhury, Anwesha Mukherjee and Theodore L. Turocy
16-06 Does nominal illusion generate collusive equilibria? by Enrique Fatas and Antonio J. Morales
16-05 Morals and markets: The case of ultimatum bargaining by Sandro Casal, Francesco Fallucchi and Simone Quercia
16-04 The implications of attachment through choice and order effects on the willingness-to-accept- willingness-to-pay disparity by Cameron Belton
16-03 Affirmative action and retaliation in experimental contests  by Francesco Fallucchi and Simone Quercia 
16-02 Preference purification and the inner rational agent: A critique of the conventional wisdom of behavioural welfare economics by Gerardo Infante, Guilhem Lecouteux and Robert Sugden


Can a single theory explain coordination? An experiment on alternative modes of reasoning and the conditions under which they are used by Marco Faillo, Alessandra Smerilli and Robert Sugden