2012 Working Papers 2012 Working Papers


Number Title and authors
12-06 A Popperian test of level-k theory by Shaun Hargreaves Heap, David Rojo Arjona, and Robert Sugden
12-05 The behavioural economist and the social planner: to whom should behavioural welfare economics be addressed? by Robert Sugden
12-04 Income effect and altruism by Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Joo Young Jeon
12-03 Trust and trustworthiness with singleton groups by Fabio Galeotti and Daniel John Zizzo
12-02 Are tax-financed contributions to a public good completely crowded-out? Experimental evidence by Timothy J. Gronberg, R. Andrew Lucassen, Theodore L. Turocy, and John Van Huyck
12-01 Inducing natural group identity: A RDP analysis by Daniel John Zizzo