2011-10 Working Papers 2011-10 Working Papers


Number Title and authors
11-15 Do dictator games measure altruism? by Daniel John Zizzo
11-14 Reservation values and regret in laboratory first price auctions: Context and bidding behavior by Theodore L. Turocy and Elizabeth Watson
11-12 Envy and agricultural innovation: An experimental case study from Ethiopia by Bereket Kebede and Daniel John Zizzo
11-11 Emotions and chat in a financial markets experiment by Shaun Hargreaves Heap and Daniel John Zizzo
11-10 Crowding-in, crowding-out and over-crowding: The interaction between price and quantity based instruments and intrinsic motivation by Grischa Perino, Luca A. Panzone, and Timothy Swanson
11-09 The representation of alienable and inalienable rights: Games in transition function form by Ben McQuillin and Robert Sugden
11-08 Implementing theoretical models in the laboratory, and what this can and cannot achieve by Stefania Sitzia and Robert Sugden
11-07 Salience as an emergent property by Federica Alberti, Robert Sugden, and Kei Tsutsui
11-06 Mutual advantage, conventions and team reasoning by Robert Sugden
11-05 Common reasoning in games: a Lewisian analysis of common knowledge of rationality by Robin Cubitt and Robert Sugden
11-04 How the market responds to dynamically inconsistent preferences by Ben McQuillin and Robert Sugden
11-03 Do markets reveal preferences – or shape them? by Peter Brookes, Andrea Isoni, Graham Loomes, and Robert Sugden
11-02 Autonomy or efficiency: An experiment on household decisions in two regions of India by Alastair Munro, Bereket Kebede, Marcela Tarazona-Gomez, and Arjan Verschoor
11-01 The emergence of salience: an experimental investigation by Federica Alberti, Shaun Hargreaves Heap, and Robert Sugden


Number Title and authors
10-16 On the content of focal points by David Rojo Arjona
10-15 Directed generosity and network formation: Network dimension matters by Ben D'Exelle and Arno Riedl
10-14 Exclusivity and exclusion on platform markets by Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Stephen Martin
10-13 Equality, equity and incentives: An experiment by Loukas Balafoutas and Martin Kocher
10-12 Multiple equilibria in Tullock contests by Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Roman Sheremeta
10-11 Disruptions in large value payment systems: An experimental approach by Klaus Abbink, Ronald Bosman, Ronald Heijmans, and Frans van Winden
10-10 Group Status, minorities and trust by Kei Tsutsui and Daniel John Zizzo
10-09 Social status and bargaining when resources are scarce: Evidence from a field lab experiment by Ben D'Exelle, Els Lecoutere, and Bjorn Van Campenhout
10-08 An experimental test of precautionary bidding by Martin Kocher, Julius Pahlke, and Stephan Trautmann
10-07 Social preferences in childhood and adolescence – A large-scale experiment by Matthias Sutter, Francesco Feri, Martin Kocher, Peter Martinsson, Katarina Nordblom, and Daniela Rützler
10-06 Selection into auctions for risky and ambiguous prospects by Martin Kocher and Stephan Trautmann
10-05 On the beliefs off the path: Equilibrium refinement due to quantal response and level-k by Yves Breitmoser, Jonathan Tan, and Daniel John Zizzo
10-04 Vendettas by Friedel Bolle, Jonathan Tan, and Daniel John Zizzo
10-03 Can experimental measures of sensitivity to social pressure predict public good contribution? by Piers Fleming and Daniel John Zizzo
10-02 Do spouses realise cooperative gains? Experimental evidence from rural Uganda by Vegard Iversen, Cecile Jackson, Bereket Kebede, Alastair Munro, and Arjan Verschoor
10-01 Intrinsic motivations and the non-profit health sector: Evidence from Ethiopia by Danila Serra, Pieter Serneels, and Abigail Barr