2017 Working Papers 2017 Working Papers


Title and authors

17-05 Giving in Dictator Games - Experimenter demand effect or preference over the rules of the game? by Nadine Chlaß and Peter G. Moffatt
17-04 The Attraction and Compromise Effects in Bargaining: Experimental Evidence by Fabio Galeotti, Maria Montero and Anders Poulsen
16-05R The Role of Morals in Three Player Ultimatum Games by Sandro Casal, Francesco Fallucchi and Simone Quercia
16-09R Peer sanctioning in isomorphic provision and appropriation social dilemmas by Abhijit Ramalingam, Antonio J. Morales and James M. Walker
17-03 The productivity puzzle and the problem with the rich: an experiment on competition, inequality and ‘team spirit’ by Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap, Abhijit Ramalingam and Brock V. Stoddard.

Group Behaviour in Tacit Coordination Games with Focal Points. An Experimental Investigation by Stefania Sitzia and Jiwei Zheng


Behavioural types in public goods games: A re-analysis by hierarchical clustering by Francesco Fallucchi, R Andrew Luccasen and Theodore L. Turocy

Mathematics self-confidence and the "prepayment effect" in riskless choices by Lian XueStefania Sitzia and Theodore L Turocy