Please note that the format of the CBESS Seminar Series has changed for 2016-17, more information on upcoming events will appear in due course.

2015-2016 Seminar Series

All seminars run from 16.10 to 17.30, unless otherwise noted.


Date Speaker
Tue 26 Jan
Queens 0.13
Lucas Molleman (University of Nottingham)
Social learning and cooperation across societies 
Tue 9 Feb
Queens 0.17
Peiran Jiao (University of Oxford)
The double-channeled effects of experience on individual investment decisions: Experimental Evidence
Tue 01 Mar
Queens 0.13
Aikaterini Karadimitropoulou (School of Economics, UEA)
Financial contagion in the lab: Does network structure matter at all?
Tue 12 Apr
Arts 2.07
Enrica Carbone (Seconda Universita' di Napoli)
Equilibria in transportation network games with road pricing
Tue 19 Apr
Arts 2.07
Ian Levely (Wageningen University)
Contract enforcement and trustworthiness across ethnic groups: Experimental evidence from Northern Afghanistan
Tue 26 Apr
Emin Karagozoglu (Bilkent)
Bargaining under time pressure
Tue 03 May
Arts 01.05
Gary Charness (UC Santa Barbara)
Title TBC
Tue 10 May
Arts 01.05
Ed Hopkins (University of Edinburgh)
Title TBC
Tue 17 May
Arts 01.05
Ayala Arad (Tel Aviv University)
Studying multi-dimensional reasoning through the analysis of team communication
Tue 05 July
Queens 0.17
Amelia Fletcher (Norwich Business School, UEA)
Behavioural economics and competition: A regulator's perspective



Date Speaker
Tue 22 Sep
Reg. CR2
Robert Dur (Erasmus)
Team Incentives, Social Cohesion, and Performance: A Natural Field Experiment
Tue 29 Sep
ARTS 2.07
Francesco Falluchi (School of Economics, UEA)
Affirmative Action through Consolation Prizes
Tue 06 Oct
ARTS 3.01
Peter Moffatt (School of Economics, UEA)
Title TBC
Tue 13 Oct
TPSC 0.1
Peter Serneels (School of International Development, UEA)
Title TBC
Tue 20 Oct
ARTS 3.07
Christoper Skedgel (Norwich Medical School, UEA)
Societal preferences over the allocation of healthcare resources
Tue 27 Oct
TPSC 1.03
Elisa Cavatorta (Institute for Fiscal Studies and King's College London)
Preferences and Exposure to Policy Shocks: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Tue 03 Nov
ARTS 2.06
Giovanni Ponti (University of Alicante and Middlesex University)
Some (Mis)facts about Myopic Loss Aversion
Tue 10 Nov
ARTS 3.15
Enrique Fatás (School of Economics, UEA)
Title TBC
Tue 17 Nov
Reg. CR2
Peter Moffatt (School of Economics, UEA)
Parametric Estimation of Social Preference Models
Tue 24 Nov
ARTS 3.15
Marijke Verpoorten (University of Antwerp)
Trust in the aftermath of mass violence: insights from large-N life stories