2017 Meetings 2017 Meetings


Date Location Speaker & Title
17 January REG CR2

Anders Poulsen (CBESS Director)

Updates and Messages from the Director

24 January MED 1.02

Theodore Turocy (University of East Anglia)

Races with a finish line

07 February ARTS 2.02

Marcel Zeelenberg (University of Tilburg)

Regret in Decision Making

14 February REG CR2 Open
21 February ARTS 2.03

Anders Poulsen (University of East Anglia) & Kevin Grubiak (University of East Anglia)

Communication, focal points, and coordination

28 February ZICER 2.03

David Hugh-Jones (University of East Anglia)

Large-scale conflict and group identity: evidence from Google ngram data

07 March MED 2.02 Open
14 March JSC 1.03

Sanjeev Goyal (University of Cambridge)

Freedom of Association, Social Cohesion and Welfare

21 March C.HALL 0.1.08

Bob Sugden (University of East Anglia)

Are self-control problems really as common as behavioural economists assume?

25 April C.HALL 01.11 Open
02 May REG CR2


09 May TPSC 1.03 Daniel Balliet (VU Amsterdam)
16 May TPSC 1.03

Enrique Fatas (University of East Anglia)


23 May ARTS 0.28 Ben D'Exelle (University of East Anglia)


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