2017 Meetings 2017 Meetings

CBESS GROUP MEETINGS - All Seminars held in REG 3.15, 16:10 - 17:00

Date Name Institution Title
26/09/17 Jiwei Zheng UEA The Pizza Night Game: Efficiency, Conflict, and Inequality in Tacit Bargaining Games with Focal Points
03/10/17 Sheheryar Banuri UEA Irrational Consumption and Access to Finance
10/10/17 Abhijit Ramalingam UEA Leadership through Team Selection in Public Goods Games (with Thorsten Chmura, Francesco Fallucchi, and Simon Gaechter)
17/10/17 Stefania Sitzia UEA Group Behaviour in Tacit Coordination Games with Focal Points - An Experimental Investigation
24/10/17 Anders Poulsen UEA

“Why don't we flip a coin?”: An experiment on the use of randomization devices in bargaining

31/10/17 Bob Sugden UEA Reciprocity in psychological game theory
07/11/17 David Dickinson Appalachian State University Sleep restriction and circadian effects on Bayesian choice outcomes
14/11/17 Kenju Kamei  Durham Joint Decision-Making and Strategic Reputation Building in a Finitely-Repeated Dilemma
21/11/17 Christian Kellner Southampton Ambiguous communication: an experimental analysis
28/11/17 Stefan Penczynski UEA Why so non-skeptical?: Disclosure of Verifiable Information under Competition Revisited
05/12/17 Peter Moffatt UEA Structural estimation of Inequity Aversion Parameters 
12/12/17 Amrish Patel UEA Coordination via Redistribution


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