As a large, vibrant centre of laboratory research in experimental economics, CBESS invites researchers from other universities and associations to hire our facilities for carrying out their own experiments.  Because of the volume of experiments we conduct annually, we have a streamlined and tested process for dealing with the mechanics of running experiments, and can efficiently handle the logistics of carrying out sessions.

We welcome experiments of all types, and place few restrictions on the design of experimental sessions beyond those required to maintain the reputation of the laboratory.  We maintain a complete history of the participation of subjects in our laboratory, and can recruit (or exclude) potential participants from experiments based upon their level of experience and types of experiments they have participated in.  Our subject pool is diverse, including significant numbers of potential participants from the UK, the EU, and worldwide, coming from all the Schools of study at UEA.

We can provide a full range of services in conducting a session, ranging from testing of software to the final delivery of data. At present we regret we only are not able to offer programming assistance or support for external users.

We are generally able to turn around sessions rapidly.  Once we are in possession of final versions of software, instructions, and other materials, sessions can generally be conducted the following week. We have conducted sessions throughout most of the year; we recommend only against conducting sessions in July and August due to students being on holiday.

For further details or to initiate booking your experimental sessions in the CBESS laboratories, contact the Director, Dr Theodore Turocy, at or on +44 (0) 1603 597179.