NIBS Conference 2016 NIBS Conference 2016







The Network for Integrated Behavioural Science (NIBS) will hold its 2016 annual conference at the University of East Anglia on 4–6 April 2016. The conference topic will be Assessing well-being when preferences are incoherent.

The conference will include a number of plenary lectures, a round-table discussion, standard talks organised in parallel sessions, and a posters presentation. A Call for Papers is available at the link below.

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We look forward to welcoming a host of plenary speakers including Gerd Gigerenzer, Till Grüne-Yanoff, Daniel Hausman, David Laibson, Julian LeGrand, Robert Sugden, Marco Mariotti and Paola Manzini. Our confirmed round-table discussants will be Francesco Guala, Richard Layard, George Loewenstein, and Albert Weale.

The conference will be open to all, but pre-registration is required and numbers may be limited. To book your place at the conference please visit the UEA StoreThe deadline for registration is March 4, 2016.