You Said, We Did You Said, We Did

The UEA Award sends out questionnaires to participating students after the Easter break each academic year as well as feeding in any student comments we receive over the course of the year. Students were also asked to separately give feedback on the UEA Award pilot, known as the ‘Skills Award Pilot’, which was itself initially built based on focus group research carried out in November 2014. Below are some of the main changes to our Award based on student feedback:

UEA Award Social Event

Skills Award Pilot 2014-15 Feedback

  • Students desired more interactive and social elements of the Award. Award social events were introduced once a semester for students to get to know each other and chat with Award staff;

  • The number of hours required in the ‘Campus and Personal' category of the Award was increased from 5 to 10 in line with student views about their amount of experiences in this area;

  • E-mails were getting lost, so the Award now uses consistent e-mail titling to help students identity them more easily;

  • Clearer links were created to support documents on the writing up of activities in forms and more discussion of the writing up process was placed within Award training.

  • The desire from students to ‘claim’ extra hours they had done beyond the hours requirements of particular categories led to the development of the Award’s ‘Wild-card’ section.

UEA Award 2015-16 Feedback

  • More help for students who had problems categorising their activities or not having activities to write up, in the form of an online database of activities to search;

  • Improvements to the 'Wild-card' system to make extra hours count automatically;

  • Additional support documentation on ‘referees’ and who should be given as people to confirm an activity;

  • More peer assisted learning on the Award. We have introduced an Award Ambassadors and Award Champions scheme which will aim to encourage peer support as well as being a great developmental opportunity for our students;

  • Students wanted an online community to support them and to share information in addition to the offline community fostered by our Award socials. In January 2017 the Award Team and Ambassadors set up the UEA Award Facebook Group, which now has close to 200 members;
  • We’ve now issued digital UEA Award Badges for certificate completers for use on their LinkedIn profile.

UEA Award 2016-17 Feedback: completed

  • We had a new ‘Get Writing Group Support Session on 22nd November 2017 where students came along and wrote their first online submission with the support of UEA Award staff;
  • The Award Team have produced some online training videos to help support students through the process of the Award;
  • We've revised our ‘How to use the UEA Award on a CV document’ with more examples and also added additional example material to other support documents.

UEA Award 2017-18 Feedback: completed or coming soon

  • A new series of case studies have been produced to show Award benefits using a qualitative approach and a magazine format.
  • Students would like more chasers on progress and we will be using Award Ambassadors in the office to help identify students who may be stuck at a particular place on the Award, need more support or are very close to finishing a level.
  • We will be tweaking our Award Ambassador and Champion Schemes to identify more formally areas students would like to develop with the team.
  • We have a new group page which enables students to quickly and easily access their Award dashboard as well as view Award opportunities and see how to join our Award Facebook page.