What will you be doing? What will you be doing?

  • As part of the award process, you undertake a number of activities. We will ask you to submit at least two activities per academic year. You can submit activities completed in previous semesters, and up to two years ago (please see the FAQ for more details).
  • You will complete a short statement every time you do an activity. This involves listing your main tasks or responsibilities, considering which attributes you have developed and writing a short statement that can be used later on your CV. The introductory award session will help you with this process.

Activities fall within four categories: ‘Academic,' ‘Work-related,' ‘Career management,' and ‘Campus and Personal.' A full list of award activities is shown in our UEA Award activity list. Example activities are listed below:

Academic activities Work-related activities Career management activities Campus and Personal activities
Team project UEA Student Internships Interview workshop SU society activity
Presentation Vacation work experience Other skills workshops Elected SU role
Producing an academic poster Part-time job Attending a careers fair Student media
Peer mentoring / assessment Volunteering Career mentoring Senior resident
Creating a podcast, video editing or other multimedia work Erasmus placement Employer event School responsibilities
Lab work Starting a new business School careers events Caring for a relative
Translating from one language to another Work placements Career guidance Organising competitive sports
Applied research Year in industry Business & industry conferences Dean of Students' activities (e.g. Global Voices scheme)


A minimum number of hours are required for each award level. These are set out in the table below. You can do more hours than these if you wish. Once you have the Bronze level you can build on this to achieve the Silver or Gold level by completing additional activities.

UEA Award activities overview

The attributes you are developing in the UEA Award reflect the needs of graduate employers and the wider opportunities available whilst studying at UEA. They are shown in our graduate attributes document.